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Born on Concrete

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"BP Elite Service did a great job on a commercial curb repair project. I also have then slated for other future projects."

About Us

At BP Elite Services, LLC we have a unique ability to provide exceptional concrete repair service in the fast-paced Houston Area. We strive to make the necessary repairs within your timeline and budget. 


The outside appearance of buildings are often the first things that draw a person’s eye to your property and a quick assumption is made based on that appearance.

At BP Elite Services, LLC we enjoy giving back to the community and making that first impression curb appeal look fantastic! We definitely have the potential to help with any of your needs no matter how small or big.

At BP Elite Services, LLC we offer a concrete specialist company that is built on faith, integrity, and honest hard work with your best interest in mind. We aim to provide the highest customer satisfaction with quality work that is done correctly the first time. We strive to help give back to our community with functional repairs/expansions that are also cosmetically pleasing! 

Benjiman Boulter

Ben is natural born “handy-man” from Michigan but raised in Texas. He has always had a niche for solving problems and fixing things (his wife feels very blessed to have such a handy-man around the house!) Ben sees an issue or concerns and can resolve them quickly.


When he aims to solve an issue, he brings a teamwork and fun partnership to get things done just like when he was on the Spring High School basketball team! Nowadays, what Ben lacks in dribbling and free throw skills he more than makes up for in concrete repairs! Ben provides a slam-dunk level of compassion to each and every opportunity.


As a passionate leader Ben decided to take a leap of faith, live up to his idea/vision, and build a legacy called BP Elite Services, LLC.


At Your Service

Our Main Services Are:

  • Concrete/ asphalt repairs

  • Concrete saw cutting

  • Curb repairs

  • Core drilling

  • Installing bollards

  • Installing car stops

  • Pressure washing

  • Striping

  • ADA Ramp repairs

  • Seal coating

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios extensions

  • Diesel slab sawing

  • Core drilling

  • Site work?

  • Excavation

  • Concrete breaking & hauling

  • Concrete placement

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)

Broken and uneven concrete is hazardous for your employees and customers. 

Upgrading your place of business? 

BP Elite Services can cutout concrete for plumbing or electrical line upgrades. 

Need a driveway poured, extended or repaired? 


Call BP Elite Services for a free estimates on replacing or patching your parking lot in the Houston Metro Area:  



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